Monday, January 9, 2012

9: 365

9: 365

"A really hard laugh is like sex—one of the ultimate diversions of existence." (Jerry Seinfeld)

Reminds me of a date I had back in the late 70's. I was a *good Catholic* girl and my date came to pick me up in his custom van.....complete with shag carpet, dice hanging from the rear-view mirror, beaded curtains and what I believe was a mattress in the back. There were velvet posters on the walls and mirrors on the ceiling and pink champagne on ice. No, not really…. But when you are 17 and dating an older guy ~ this is enough to kind of freak you out. I was so scared to even turn around to see if what I thought I spotted back there was really what I thought I spotted back there.

Needless to say....Lesson learned. Never trust a man with a van.

Especially if it is sporting this bumpersticker.